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Rising demand for products focused on health and wellness and exciting innovations in food, dietary supplement, drug, cosmetic and device technology, and manufacturing has led the way for the development of consumer-focused products, be it the latest in tracking health and wellness right at your fingertips, cleaner beauty, or food products with an ingredient list that you can actually read. Alongside this rise has been a steady and responsive increase in government regulations and enforcement seeking to promote and protect public health.

Garg Law provides strategic advice on complying with FDA requirements for food, beverage, dietary supplement, cosmetic, drug and device companies, through the product’s lifecycle beginning from product development, launch, and post-launch compliance. Our focus is to enhance product value, ensure product and regulatory compliance, and help companies make decisions to mitigate costly and time-consuming regulatory scrutiny, adverse public reaction, and business disruption.

For food, beverage, supplement, and cosmetic ingredients and products, we provide initial counsel on label representations and product formulation, through manufacturing compliance, product safety, FSMA compliance, testing and approval, and Reportable Food Registry requirements.

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