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The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) agency responsible for protecting animals’ and plants’ health, welfare, and safety. As part of this mission, APHIS provides a range of applications to allow the public and industry to access and utilize critical information easily.

The APHIS Regulations, Standards, and Manuals web application provides users access to the official regulations, standards, and manuals to inform APHIS activity and decision-making. Through this application, users can quickly find and reference relevant documents, such as Animal Welfare Acts and Regulations, Animal Care Standards and Guidelines, and Veterinary Medical Standards and Guidelines.

The APHIS Electronic Program Delivery (EPD) web application is an online source for obtaining the necessary permits for importing, exporting, and interstate movement of selected animals, plants, and animal products. With EPD, users can quickly and securely apply for, pay for, receive, and track shipment-related permits.

The APHIS Animal Shipments Tracking System (ASTS) web application provides users with online access and information about animals, plants, and related shipments. ASTS is a comprehensive database and tracking system designed to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, including APHIS incident management and response, public health, research and development, and animal movement and transport.

The APHIS Forensic Laboratory System (FLS) web application provides an on-site testing solution for detecting animal diseases and/or pests that may be present in animal products, plants, and their related shipments. By utilizing a variety of techniques, FLS can quickly detect and identify diseases, pests, and other biological hazards that may be present, allowing APHIS to take necessary action to safeguard the public from potentially infected or infested products.

APHIS can ensure the safe, secure, and humane handling of animals, plants, and animal products through all of these applications. By providing easy-to-use, secure and accessible resources, APHIS can protect the public and maintain the health and safety of animals and plants in the United States.

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