March 4, 2024

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its list of select chemicals currently under the agency’s review to provide more insight on the status of the FDA’s post-market assessments of chemicals in the food supply. The agency first published a list in July 2023.

This updated list includes select food ingredients (including food and color additives), food contact substances, and contaminants under FDA review. The list now includes information about the status of our post-market assessments, including where we are in the risk assessment and management process. The list also provides links to public information about our post-market actions. The FDA anticipates updating this list regularly.

While these post-market assessments take time, one of the key reasons for the proposed Human Foods Program transformation is to enhance our review of food chemical safety. The proposed Human Foods Program would include the Office of Food Chemical Safety, Dietary Supplements and Innovation where we intend to develop a systematic and more nimble process for evaluating chemicals in the food supply. The FDA’s assessment of chemicals in the food supply is part of our commitment to food safety.

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